Steffes CAM System

Steffes CAM System

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Connect. Access. Manage.

The Steffes CAM System is a virtual ETS assistant that allows contractors and technicians to connect, access, and manage Steffes Electric Thermal Storage heating products.

The system includes a CAM Drive, a Bluetooth USB compatible with any ETS heater equipped with a communication port*, and the CAM App, available in the app store on any Android phone or tablet.

The CAM System enables contractors and technicians to view and edit the heater’s location and configuration menus and offers even more visibility and control than the product’s digital panel – all from a convenient touch screen device.

Rather than scrolling through the various menus on the heater’s display, use the Steffes CAM System to view and manage various data points, all in one place.

This system is guaranteed to make troubleshooting a breeze, allowing contractors and technicians to isolate components and utilize active outputs.

Available Now

Order a Steffes CAM System today for service made simple!

The CAM System is designed for use by authorized Steffes dealers and contractors only. It is not available for homeowner purchase.


*The CAM System currently supports 2100 series room units, 4100 series Comfort Plus forced-air furnaces, and 5100 series Comfort Plus hydronic furnaces only.



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