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Brochures & manuals

Brochures & manuals

All the Electric Thermal Storage Information You'll Ever Need

From owner’s manuals to specification charts to accessory brochures, you can find any information you need on all Steffes ETS products right here. Check out our ETS Video Resource Library that contains helpful informational and troubleshooting videos for Steffes ETS products.


Room Units

2100 Series

(Models 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105 or 2106)


2000 Series*

(Models 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006) three digit display

S/EXT Series*

(Models 212S, 312S, 412S, 512S, 612S, 212EXT, 312EXT, 412EXT, 512EXT or 612EXT)





1000 Series* 

(Models 1002 or 1003) three digit display

Residential Comfort Plus & Serenity Forced Air Furnaces

4100 Series

(Models 4120, 4130 or 4140)

4200 Series

(Model 4210)

3100 Series*

(Model 3120)


Double Loop Furnace*

(Models DLF30 or DLF40B)


Heat Pump Booster*

(Models HPB11, HPB15 or HPB22)

Residential Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnaces

5100 Series

(Models 5120, 5130 or 5140)

Commercial Forced Air Furnaces

6100 Series* (Commercial Comfort Plus)

(Models 6120, 6130 or 6140)

8100 Series* (ThermElect) 

(Models 8150, 8155, 8180, 8185 or 8188)

Commercial Hydronic Furnaces

9100 Series (ThermElect)

(Models 9150 or 9180)

7100 Series* (Commercial Comfort Plus)

(Models 7120, 7130 or 7140)


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