Efficient, Affordable Storage

Over the past 35 years, Steffes has become a global leader in providing power companies with energy storage and load management solutions. Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems store low-cost energy during off-peak times to satisfy consumers’ space and water heating needs. This approach allows power companies to shift loads from peak periods to off-peak hours. 

Our team has extensive experience working with power companies to enhance energy storage capabilities by establishing off-peak programs to help defer system upgrades and utilize existing infrastructure for more efficient power generation, transmission, and distribution.


Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems work smarter, cleaner and greener to make residential and commercial spaces more comfortable. Exceptional engineering coupled with efficient, off-peak operation lowers energy usage and costs by storing heat and utilizing energy during the right time of the day.

Steffes ETS systems gain efficiency by generating and storing vast amounts of heat for long periods of time within high-density ceramic bricks using electric heating elements. Our systems operate during “off-peak” times when demand on the electrical grid is low, allowing power providers to reduce electricity rates for homeowners who shift their energy usage.


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Our team has extensive experience working with power companies to enhance energy storage capabilities by establishing off-peak programs.

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Manage Peak Demand & Maximize Capacity

Creating an electric thermal storage program for your members will allow you to shift loads from peak periods to off-peak hours, helping you manage peak demand and maximize capacity.

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Improve Reliability & Efficiency

Stabilize the grid with electric thermal storage to defer system upgrades and utilize existing infrastructure more efficiently.

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Integrate Renewables & Reduce Emissions

Harness and store variable solar and wind power, allowing more renewable energy to be fully integrated into the grid.

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Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage

Steffes Grid–Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) is a patented technology that provides advanced, flexible and fast acting energy storage and grid management.
This innovative technology is available in both space and water heaters to provide a highly flexible load with real-time control, optimizing the entire electrical system and creating equity for users and providers.


Steffes offers premiere heating solutions for any home configuration. In addition to offering incredibly-efficient options for new construction, Steffes ETS can replace and upgrade existing heat systems or provide supplemental heat for hard-to-reach rooms.

Along with shifting energy usage and reducing power bills, Steffes can provide additional benefits to power providers and homeowners by assisting in the development of rebate programs and discounted rate structures for installing an exceptionally efficient Steffes ETS system.

Advanced Integration

Steffes ETS can be paired with heat pump systems, allowing the heat pump’s high efficiency to be combined with off-peak electric rates. Together, ETS and heat pumps are the most efficient and lowest cost of operation heating and cooling system option available. 

As outside temperatures decline, stored heat from Steffes ETS is used in conjunction with the heat pump’s heating capacity to satisfy comfort requirements. These capabilities can save homeowners upwards of 20 to 30 percent on heating bills without having to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a traditional heating system.




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