Steffes Welcomes Members from the NAAE Region III Conference

Steffes had the pleasure of welcoming agriculture teachers from both out of state and within North Dakota for the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Region III Conference hosted at the Southwest Area Career and Technical Education Academy in Dickinson, ND. The NAAE comprises 9,000 members nationwide, engaged in school-based agriculture education at all levels. … Read More

Product Spotlight: Auto Adjust System

The Auto Adjust System is a flare accessory designed to help producers avoid under- or over-airing their Steffes Air Assist Flares. The system automatically regulates the amount of air being added to the flare’s gas stream, ensuring a consistent flame during daily surges and dips in gas production rates.  With an Auto Adjust installed, the … Read More

Steffes Execs travel to D.C. for ETS, O&G advocacy

Steffes founder Paul Steffes and Co-President Todd Mayer traveled to Washington, D.C., on May 20 – 21, 2024, where they joined more than two hundred Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) members and industry colleagues to participate in the 2024 AHRI Policy Symposium. The symposium provides AHRI members with a unique opportunity to discuss … Read More

Origin by Steffes named CSE Plumbing Product of the Year

The 2024 Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) Product of the Year winners have been announced, naming Origin by Steffes the 2024 Plumbing Product of the Year – Gold Winner. Earlier this year, companies submitted their latest and most innovative products, launched between January 1 and December 31, 2023, to compete for these distinguished honors and to be recognized … Read More

Steffes Announces New Central Heat Pump Water Heating System Product and Strategic Distribution Partners

Steffes is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation, Origin by Steffes, an all-electric, large-volume, central heat pump domestic water heating system. This cutting-edge product is specifically tailored for multi-family building projects with decarbonization goals, marking a significant step towards sustainable living. Steffes brings more than 30 years of experience in energy storage, HVAC, and system manufacturing … Read More

Origin by Steffes Nominated for Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Product of the Year

Origin by Steffes, a revolutionary product in the realm of sustainable engineering, is announced as a finalist for the prestigious Consulting-Specifying Engineer – Plumbing Product of the Year. Origin, designed to meet the demands of multi-family building projects with central heat pump water heaters, offers an innovative, sustainable, and high-performing solution for domestic water heating … Read More

Steffes named finalist for Business of the Year Award

Steffes is proud to have been named a finalist as the 2024 Business of the Year by the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce! This year marks the 117th Annual Banquet and Chamber Choice Awards, which recognizes the dedication and achievements of diligent businesses, organizations, and individuals who positively impact our community. This event is its … Read More

Honoring our Veterans and Active Service Members

Today and every day, Steffes recognizes the service and sacrifices of our military veterans and active service members. We are eternally grateful for their dedication to protecting our great nation as well as their commitment to our organization. To our veterans and active service members, thank you! Steffes is committed to supporting our veterans and … Read More

Product Spotlight: Pilot Heater

Steffes’ Pilot Heater is engineered to prevent moisture in the air surrounding a flare’s pilot from freezing, an event which can make a pilot inoperative. Not only does our pilot heater help to increase site uptime and minimize maintenance, it also helps to prevent costly fines for emitting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from venting unlit … Read More

Forging Success: Hunter Praus

What makes a leader successful? At Steffes, we believe that education and experience are the tools one uses to lead. More than that, we believe that it takes an understanding of how to use those tools effectively to forge success. A successful leader encourages their team members to learn new skills, to solve problems, and … Read More