Steffes Welcomes Members from the NAAE Region III Conference

Steffes had the pleasure of welcoming agriculture teachers from both out of state and within North Dakota for the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Region III Conference hosted at the Southwest Area Career and Technical Education Academy in Dickinson, ND.

The NAAE comprises 9,000 members nationwide, engaged in school-based agriculture education at all levels. NAAE advocates for agricultural education, offering professional development and supporting the recruitment and retention of educators within the field. This is achieved through diverse programs and services provided to its members.

When discussing the importance of NAAE members touring local businesses, Aaron Anderson, CTE Director at the Southwest Area CTE Academy, emphasized, “For agriculture and CTE teachers, it is important to stay in touch with what’s happening in industry.  It provides talking points and references they can use in their classrooms and labs as they help develop the next generation of workers.”

Events like these show how robust and innovative companies in our region are readily available for students to find new and exciting opportunities. Anderson elaborates, “Companies like Steffes and others in Dickinson are a kept secret, but this event helps get the word out on the wonderful employers and opportunities we have in our region.”