The Perfect Fit: Steve Zitzow

Steffes ponders all aspects of a individual’s resume when searching for talent. If offered a position, an individual must make the same considerations of the company before accepting the offer. When it came time to find an expert in manufacturing engineering for Steffes’ Grand Forks, North Dakota, facilities, Steffes found the perfect fit in Steve … Read More

Steffes Spotlight: The Interns

AJ ASH Hometown: Dickinson, ND School: Sophomore at the University of North Dakota Degree: Mechanical Engineering, graduating May 2026 Random Fact: “I love to run and am on the cross-country team at UND.” AJ already knew a bit about Steffes when he happened upon the company’s booth at a UND job fair. “I have heard … Read More

The Team Player: CJ Powell

 If you ever get the chance to meet Camarrow “CJ” Powell, Jr., take it. His jovial nature is infectious. This welder keeps his team on task and in good spirits: invaluable qualities we appreciate and respect here at Steffes. Not only that, he’s one heck of a welder. And lucky for us, he chose to … Read More

August Lorenzen: The Benefits of Balance

You hear about it all the time: work-life balance. But does any employee actually experience it? Design Engineer August Lorenzen chose to return to Team Steffes not only for the balance he once enjoyed but also for the sense of community he missed. When August moved to the Peace Garden State in 2015 from Jefferson … Read More

Steffes Spotlight: Travis Kilgore

“A dream come true.” At Steffes, employees are encouraged to pursue their goals. Take it from Travis Kilgore: from Shipping & Receiving agent to supervisor… with a degree in-between!     Check out our original Spotlight on Travis Kilgore from nearly six years ago! Learn more about our education reimbursement program and other learning opportunities at … Read More

Core values embodied: Robert Terry, Jr.

His name is Robert Terry, Jr., but you can call him ‘Rob’ for short. This genuinely gracious individual will soon be celebrating one year working for Steffes in our Shelby, North Carolina, facility. With an associate degree from his home state of South Carolina and over 30 years of professional experience, Rob was the perfect … Read More

Up to the challenge: Lisa Sparks

What is that phrase they always say? “The grass is always greener…” While that’s not always the case, at Steffes, we believe in each employee’s professional development and that we work best when we work together. We believe the grass is truly greener here. And Lisa Sparks, production planner for our Grand Forks West facility, … Read More

Steffes Spotlight: Wyatt Kainz

At Steffes, we don’t believe great minds think alike; we believe they think differently. From the largest build down to the smallest part, innovation is at the forefront of our product designs and manufacturing processes. One of the great minds who contributes to the culture of innovation at Steffes is Wyatt Kainz.   As a … Read More

Steffes Spotlight: Jeremy Navey

In August 2021, Steffes announced an expansion into the Southeast through the acquisition of a manufacturing facility in Shelby, North Carolina. With this effort to support our strategic vision, as well as innovation in the region, we anticipated immediate growth opportunities for customer production and the Steffes Team. More than a year and a half … Read More


Jennifer Quigley joined the Steffes team more than three years ago as a Technical Support Technician and has loved every minute of it! “The culture at Steffes is great – people are really friendly,” she said. “To me, having fun and being able to smile when you walk into the building is amazing. It’s not … Read More