Quality Welds for Extended Durability

At Steffes, we have a variety of welding equipment and a team of trained professionals experienced in working with different types of metals. Our in-house AWS Certified Weld Inspectors oversee all our projects start to finish to ensure quality welds and products.

Standard Welding

Our team of certified welders has experience in many types of weld processes techniques required for custom manufacturing and production including MIG, TIG and Spot welding. We also utilize welding rotators to ensure the part is properly positioned when welding, providing consistent, repeatable welds.

Pipe and Pressure Vessel Welding

Our team includes pipe and pressure vessel welders that are certified in accordance with the ASME Section VIII Div. I. Steffes is an accredited Code Shop for Pressure Vessels with U, UM and R stamps. We also follow qualified Welding Procedure Specifications. In addition to these guidelines all our pressure vessels pass rigorous testing before delivery including radiography, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and visual testing to meet code of construction or customer specifications.

Robotic Welding

We also have a variety of robotic welding machines with non-rotating arms and fixtures to ensure a consistent and repeatable product. Our robotic welding capabilities are fully automated to ensure accurate, repeatable and consistent welds.