An Efficient Process for Precise Painting

Steffes has a variety of paint capabilities that provide an attractive aesthetic and durable finish to our products. Our paint processes and calibrated tools are certified to meet API Q1 and ISO 9001 standards, so you can trust your Steffes product will have a finish that lasts.

Powder Paint System

At Steffes, our Powder Paint System provides a striking, high-quality finish that protects products from extreme weather conditions, chemicals and moisture. Our system uses a thermo-set powder resin that chemically bonds to the metal to ensure extended durability.

Our Powder Paint System is equipped with a monorail conveyor to transport parts through a five-stage wash and drying oven before entering paint spray booths. The products then enter the final cure oven before being sent to assembly or to be prepared for shipping.

Like all our processes, our Powder Paint System has been rigorously tested. Our powder paint finishes can withstand a 750-hour salt spray with a rating of seven. And all our parts are thickness tested to ensure a correct and consistent powder coat finish.

Blast and Liquid Coat Paint System

Our Blast and Liquid Coat Paint System uses polyurethanes, enamels, polyaspartic (direct to metal single coat paint), internal vessel linings and heat resistant linings to ensure long-lasting durability. The system is equipped with specialty carts to transport parts of various sizes through the painting process.

Before painting, each product passes through an efficient blast and wash, which removes unwanted particles. We then apply a liquid paint coating with an airless sprayer to meet customer color and preference specifications.