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Québec Contractor Resources

Québec Contractor Resources

On this page:


Thank you for being a certified contractor in our Hydro-Québec market. We are so happy to have you selling the Steffes Heating Systems and would like to support you in your efforts to promote Steffes Heating Systems. Enclosed are instructions on accessing the Steffes Serenity marketing kit for contractors like you. This guide will help support your promotional and advertising efforts when selling Steffes Serenity.

Please click the links listed below to download the documents and files. If you have any problems downloading any media files, please let us know.

  1. Content and Messaging:
    1. Product messaging: About Steffes Serenity and Electric Thermal Storage
    2. Program messaging: Hydro-Québec’s current incentive information and heating system cost comparisons
    3. Advertising campaign messaging
    4. Online resource links
    5. Online advertisement sizes
  2. Logos – Steffes and Serenity
  3. Serenity system imagery
  4. Graphics of people
  5. Social Media Graphics
    1. Financial Incentive
    2. Fuel Cost Comparisons
    3. Serenity Family
    4. Serenity Savings
  6. Online advertising graphics
  7. Customizable Serenity Roll Up Banner
  8. Customizable Serenity door hanger
  9. Steffes step-by-step sales guide
    1. French
    2. English 
  10. Serenity product brochure
    1. French
    2. English 
  11. Comfort Plus product brochure
    1. French
    2. English 

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