Precision Metal Bending

At Steffes, we have a variety of machines for bending metal. No matter the configuration, we have the equipment and experience to fabricate the parts you need.


Presses are a critical piece of our manufacturing process. We have a variety of mechanical and hydraulic presses that vary in size and force to accommodate any forming need.

Punch Press

Steffes punch presses have the ability to stamp, form and punch a variety of metals. They range from 8 to 500 tons. Our punch presses are configured to allow quick die changes to maximize efficiency. Our in-house tool and die department can create custom dies for any project.

Press Brake

Steffes press brakes offer a wide range of bending precision. They range from 8 to 230 tons and can bend materials requiring bed lengths from 4 to 12 feet. The press brakes are also CNC operated to ensure our end products are accurate and consistent.

Tube Bending

Steffes offers high-quality steel tube bending to meet any customer request. We can bend a wide variety of shapes and sizes.