Core values embodied: Robert Terry, Jr.

His name is Robert Terry, Jr., but you can call him ‘Rob’ for short. This genuinely gracious individual will soon be celebrating one year working for Steffes in our Shelby, North Carolina, facility. With an associate degree from his home state of South Carolina and over 30 years of professional experience, Rob was the perfect fit for our team of exceptional welders.

Rob accepted a position at Steffes because he believes the employees truly live by the company’s core values. He explained this feeling through his depiction of his experience in Dickinson last October when he was given the opportunity to fly north for additional training. It was a chance he is glad he took. “Everyone was so nice in Dickinson,” Rob said. “I could really tell that Steffes employees live by their values, like trust, integrity and humility.”

He most enjoyed speaking with Founder Paul Steffes and touring the facility. Rob spent about two weeks in North Dakota, and while we’d love to host him again soon, it may take him a bit longer to say ‘yes’ this time: he ended up getting stuck in Bismarck for three days on his way home because of a snowstorm!

Working in the new Shelby facility has come with challenges, but that’s part of what has kept the job interesting for Rob. “I’ve never been a part of something like this before,” he said. “I’m excited to come to work every day.” When he’s not welding lift arms for one of our contract manufacturing customers, Rob can be found helping others set up new equipment, like our state-of-the-art welding robots and massive paint line. He has also enjoyed working on projects that allow the entire team’s processes to run more effectively, such as the assembly of storage racks.

Showing true humility, Rob said his greatest impact can be felt in his daily interactions with his coworkers. “I do what I can to help others and always do my best to help get production up and running well,” he said. He also acknowledged his coworker, Sean Kistler, for his guidance and support during his time with the company.


“This job has really changed my life.”


Rob is excited to soon be making a move from welding to maintenance. He has experience in the field from a previous employer and is looking forward to the variety the work offers. “You’re doing something different every day,” he said. “I’m really grateful to have been awarded the maintenance position.”

Rob enjoys spending his free time in church and with his family. He’s blessed with two children who have given him two grandchildren, and a third–a boy named Noah–is on the way! His days have become even busier lately as his extended family moved to North Carolina. “They went from two and a half hours away to two minutes away!” said Rob. He recently turned “the big 5-0” and was thrown a surprise party by his wife, who was able to keep the secret through three months of planning!