Product Spotlight: Auto Adjust System

The Auto Adjust System is a flare accessory designed to help producers avoid under- or over-airing their Steffes Air Assist Flares. The system automatically regulates the amount of air being added to the flare’s gas stream, ensuring a consistent flame during daily surges and dips in gas production rates.

 With an Auto Adjust installed, the flare’s fan reacts every five seconds to continuous pressure readings from the system’s transducer. Not only does the system help to eliminate smoking flares and reduce the number of excess hydrocarbons being emitted into the atmosphere, but it also minimizes the amount of time producers need to dedicate to manually adjusting flares in the field. This maximizes the efficiency of a Steffes Air Assist Flare while adhering to Quad-O and 40 CFR 60.18 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.


  • Compatible with Steffes Air Assist Model 4 and Model 8 flares
  • Electrical kit included for retrofit installations
  • Simple installation, single flange and threaded connection
  • Three mounting options available


Steffes’ flare accessories allow you to customize your hardware to meet your flaring needs. Our experienced team can help determine which accessories will maximize the performance of your site.

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