The Perfect Fit: Steve Zitzow

Steffes ponders all aspects of a individual’s resume when searching for talent. If offered a position, an individual must make the same considerations of the company before accepting the offer. When it came time to find an expert in manufacturing engineering for Steffes’ Grand Forks, North Dakota, facilities, Steffes found the perfect fit in Steve Zitzow. And he found the same fit in Steffes.

“What initially caught my interest in Steffes was the core value of humility,” said Steve. “I felt if a company established such a value, I wanted to be part of that team.” It seemed Steffes was the perfect fit for him, too.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology from the University of North Dakota, Steve joined #TeamSteffes in his hometown in May 2022 as a manufacturing engineer. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, ranging from engineering and design to production and product quality.

For a time, Steve taught design software at his alma mater and Northland Community & Technical College in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. He has continued to use his teaching skills during his tenure at Steffes, imparting his vast knowledge to both people and processes, and we value him as an integral part of our team of experts.

Steve has lent this expertise to several projects, most notably improving manufacturing processes relating to Department of Transportation (DOT) tanks made at Steffes. He worked alongside production members to devise additional fixtures and enhance designs while ensuring their safety.

“It was identified that a safety railing system was required to work on top of the tanks while pressure testing,” Steve shared. “In conjunction with a local manufacturer, we designed a concept to mitigate that risk, as well.”

Steve’s position keeps him moving from Steffes’ West facility to East and back, balancing his time between the contract manufacturing and oil and gas divisions. “My rotation always brings new opportunities. It’s exciting as it doesn’t allow for having two days the same.” His routine is made more enjoyable due to the friendliness and collaboration he experiences each day.

“I am most proud of mentoring and growing with an exceptional manufacturing engineering team. I believe what makes a cohesive team is the ability to learn from and respect each other while leaving job titles at the door. My team is one of the best I have been part of, with each member conducting business in alignment with the company’s core values.”

Steve and his wife, Livia, have two grown children, Lauren and Aiden; their dog, Ella, makes their family whole. Steve enjoys anything that brings him outside, from hunting and maintaining food plots for deer to traveling and spending time on the lake in Northern Minnesota.