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EcoPort UCM

EcoPort UCM

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The Steffes EcoPort UCM

Steffes optimizes demand response programs with smart distributed assets in consumer homes like water heaters, heat pumps, and electric thermal storage heaters. Steffes connects to smart-home, behind-the-meter assets to solve grid-scale load problems, aggregating these flexible assets to increase energy reliability, balance energy production, and integrate renewable resources with two-way communication.

The Steffes Universal Communications Module (UCM) connects consumer smart home assets. The UCM connects EcoPort Smart Grid Devices (SGDs) to a powerful device management head end with best-in-class cybersecurity. Steffes UCMs enable rapid deployment of load-up and load-down programs to maximize customer participation in the latest Time-of-Use, DR+, and price-based load control strategies.

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