Québec Contractor Resources

Québec Contractor Resources


Thank you for being a certified Steffes contractor in our Hydro-Québec market. We are so happy to have you selling Steffes Heating Systems and would like to support you in your promotional and advertising efforts.

On this page, you will find print pieces, promotional items, apparel contacts, and marketing materials, as well as our Step-by-Step Sales Guide for contractors like you.

Print Materials

The following Serenity and Comfort Plus product brochures are available for use and were designed for you to be able to include your own logo as well. Click the link below to download, and email the files – along with your logo – to the printer of your choice.

We recommend contacting one of the following Canadian print services. They will work with you directly on printing, shipping, and billing.


KKP Montréal Printcloud Deschamps Impression Deschamps Impression
 Montréal Toronto Québec Montréal
514.878.1044 416.907.7355 418.667.3322 514.353.2442
info@kkpmontreal.ca  support@printcloud.ca ventes@deschampsimp.com ventesmtl@deschampsimp.com

Only need a few copies? These brochures are formatted to print easily from your office computer.

Promotional Items & Apparel

Our partners at KKP Montréal and Promo Virage are a great resource for all of your apparel and promotional item needs. Have you seen the fancy stress reliever bricks? Order yours directly from KKP today!


KKP Montréal Promo Virage
 Montréal Longueuil
514.878.1044 514.906.6566
info@kkpmontreal.ca  info@promovirage.com

Planning for a home show or dropping by a neighborhood? Here are a few items that you might find helpful. They have also been designed to be customized for your business.

Digital Advertising

The following items can be used on your website or in traditional or digital marketing campaigns. Just click on the links below to download the files and you’re ready to go!


Struggling with a download or have questions regarding the materials? Contact the Steffes Marketing Team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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