May has been a big month for Manufacturing Engineer Jaymi Patterson. Not only is she celebrating one year of employment with Steffes (today!), but she also graduated from the University of North Dakota with her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering this past weekend!

Originally from Minnesota, Jaymi began working for Steffes’ Grand Forks East (GFE) facility in 2021 after hearing about an open engineering position. She was looking for some stability and career growth right out of college, and she also knew a few others who had great experiences working at Steffes who encouraged her to join the team. She quickly realized that Steffes provides everything she was looking for and more – stability, flexibility, and a great group of people to work with that have made her feel right at home.

As a manufacturing engineer, Jaymi spends her days making fixtures, reviewing products, and managing projects on the production floor. A large part of her role includes providing engineering support for GFE’s code shop and learning about various requirements for pressure vessels. In addition to completing documentation, implementing standards, and working closely with quality, she can be found helping others on and off the production floor find solutions to the issues they encounter.

“One of my favorite things to do is help other people succeed and see their growth,” she said. “Steffes provides their employees the opportunity to support each other and work collaboratively across divisions, and that’s something I’m passionate about. It pushes me to do better at my job and allows me to share my experiences with others.”

In addition to sharing her engineering talents, she has also recently earned the title of “Popcorn Guru” at GFE. Every Thursday, popcorn is popped at each Steffes location, and according to her coworkers, Jaymi is a wizard when it comes to making popcorn! Though it wasn’t on the list of job responsibilities when she applied, it is an activity she has really come to enjoy.

“If I’m not already in the breakroom making it on Thursday morning, everyone is asking me if I’m going to start. I have figured out the perfect amount of salt for everyone,” she joked. “But it has been fun. Everyone is so appreciative, and it has allowed me to get to know people I don’t typically talk to or see on a daily basis, allowing my relationship with the Steffes team to flourish, which was unexpected. It has been fun getting to know all the team members here a little bit better.”

When asked what she likes most about working at Steffes, she was quick to answer, “The people.” The friendliness of her teammates and everyone helping each other to succeed have been high points for her in the last year. “No one lets their titles interfere with how they work with one another. It’s just people working with people. No one has ever told me no; they find a way to help you do it.”

Now that she has received her diploma, the next few months should slow down for Jaymi, giving her more time to travel, go fishing, and hang out with friends and family. Pushing herself to do things out of her comfort zone has already taken her to 42 states, and she is looking forward to crossing a few more off her list in the near future!

We hear skydiving might be up next!

Congrats on your one-year workiversary, Jaymi! We are so glad to have you on our team!