Amy Brown is celebrating 10 years with Steffes!

Amy started at Steffes as an accounting assistant. She has since moved into her current role as Financial Analyst. In this role, Amy tracks sales, forecasting, capacity, and costs. She makes sure that all parts of the company are running smoothly and keeps us on track towards meeting our goals.

Steffes has grown dramatically in recent years and Amy’s role has helped to ensure that we manage that growth so we are being as productive and efficient as possible to meet current demand while also looking forward and planning for the future of the company.

“I like the diversity of my job, its always something new. I also really like all of the people here. Everyone is great, whether they have been here 20 years or 2 months. That is a huge part of why I like working here.” says Amy.

In her free time, Amy likes to spend time doing anything outdoors. Especially yard work such as gardening and mowing.


Thank you for all you do for Team Steffes, Amy!