Steffes Makes Financial Contribution to University of Mary’s School of Engineering

As a part of a longstanding commitment to continuing education, Steffes has pledged a financial donation over the next several years to the University of Mary’s School of Engineering. Steffes’ financial assistance will help support the cross-disciplinary of innovation and entrepreneurship and achieve new levels of academic excellence for the School of Engineering at Mary.  

At Steffes, our biggest asset is our people. They are what sets us apart from other companies, including our team of talented and engaged engineers. We strive to provide an environment where engineers can unleash their passion for innovation and revolutionize the industries we serve.

“We believe that this will be a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Paul Steffes, founder and Chief Innovation Adviser of Steffes LLC. “Programs such as the University of Mary’s School of Engineering provides great opportunities for quality higher education in North Dakota and Steffes offers opportunities for those students to stay in the state and build their careers at our quickly growing company.”

We are proud to provide this donation to the University of Mary School of Engineering and look forward to this partnership preparing the next generation of passionate engineers for career success.

“Through the incredible generosity of Steffes, and so many others, the University of Mary is able to continue fulfilling its mission with the School of Engineering in serving the needs of this region and beyond,” said University of Mary President Monsignor James Shea. “With the help of Steffes personnel, and feedback from local, state and regional engineering firms, the University of Mary’s School of Engineering will graduate technically sound engineers, but also engineers culturally prepared for the workplace. Steffes is the perfect example of innovation and forward-thinking and we’d be so pleased and honored to have our engineering graduates be part of the Steffes family.”