What is ETS?

Winter weather means dropping temperatures and, for most homeowners, that also means rising heating bills are not far behind Space and water heating can account for as much as 60% of a homes total energy consumption. So in the winter when you need that heat most, it can get expensive fast.

But with an Electric Thermal Storage system, homeowners can lower their heating bill without sacrificing any of that cozy comfort even on the coldest of days.  

 What Are Off-peak Rates and What is ETS? 

Many power companies offer “off-peak“ rates to encourage consumers to use electricity during periods of the day when demand is lower. Typically, during late nights, early mornings, and the middle of the day when most people are sleeping or at work and not using as much electricity in the home. These rates can be substantially less than the general service allowing significant savings on your heating bills. 

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is technology that allows homeowners to heat their homes with that lower cost off-peak rates from their local cooperative or power company. ETS heating units contain high density ceramic bricks with electric heating elements that run through them. During off-peak hours, the heating elements heat the bricks to extremely hot temperatures. These specially designed bricks are able to store that heat for long periods of time. The heater’s built-in room thermostat communicates with the output fan to deliver the stored heat to the home as needed, maintaining constant comfort at a fraction of the cost. 

Benefits of Having an Electric Thermal Storage Heating System in Your Home 

Other sources of heat, such as wood, coal, and oil furnaces require frequent maintenance, messy refills, and some degree of safety concerns in your home due to the potential for messy spills and harmful fumes.

Electric heat is clean, safe, and reliable. It is also a lower maintenance form of heating your home. Steffes heating systems have lasted homeowners 20+ years with minimal maintenance needed. With no fuels to burn, it is also the more environmentally friendly choice.

By taking advantage of off-peak rates, you will see stable, predictable heating bills that are up to 60% lower than with regular rates.

Steffes ETS heating systems can keep your home in constant comfort through the whole winter. See more information about our systems here.

And contact your local cooperative or power supplier to see off-peak electric rates offered in your area and if Steffes ETS systems are for you!