A headshot of Lane Brengle, product manager for Steffes oil and gas flares and gas management equipmentMeet our Product Manager of Flares and Gas Management, Lane Brengle. Lane began his career at Steffes as a Product Engineer more than 7 years ago. At that time, Steffes only offered 2 flare designs compared to the 7 flare designs in our product line today.

Lane’s role as a Product Manager entails working with people from a variety of areas within Steffes, from Operations to Supply Chain to Sales and Marketing in order to support all functions that play a part in ensuring every flare is designed, manufactured and delivered to meet our quality standards. You can also find Lane in the field interacting with customers to provide them with sales and service support like technical or install assistance

Lane has helped develop a variety of flare and gas management products during his career with Steffes, but his favorite product he’s been part of developing has been the Variable Orifice Flare which grew from a single flare tip to an 8-inch series and is now officially rated at 99% destruction removal efficiency in the state of North Dakota.

“The Variable Orifice Flare has proven to work well and is a very innovative solution for our operators,” said Lane.

A key component of our mission at Steffes is to be an innovative partner for our customers and to develop products specifically to meet an operator’s needs. The flare and gas management team have worked on a variety of projects to provide proven solutions for our customer’s needs over the years, such as our flare controller, gas-assist ring, 8″ flare series, pressure regulating blower and 99% DRE. 

When Lane is not working on developing new innovations for our flare and gas management product line, he enjoys working on the mechanics of cars and motorcycles in his free time.