When Tyler Kast was enrolling in classes for his Freshman year of college he was still trying to determine a major he might like. His strategy was to look into the courses required for each major and he noticed engineering required a lot of math classes. Since he was good at math in high school he decided to pursue an education in engineering.

A few years later, around the time he was graduating from college, Tyler heard about Steffes from a friend at the lake. After the referral, he looked into the company website and thought it seemed like an interesting place to work. It has been almost three years since Kast accepted his first full-time engineering job as a Product Engineer with Steffes. Since then, he has advanced to his current Design Engineer II role. 

Tyler’s favorite aspect of working at Steffes is that the projects are ever-changing and his ability to do a lot of different things without much monotony. 

Tyler’s favorite project he has been able to work on was designing the electrical portion of the robot weld rotators used in our manufacturing process.

A typical day in his role includes completing electrical quotes for customers, design work, and creating drawings in CAD or SolidWorks. He also helps with the welding rotator if there’s a project that requires his expertise. 

In his free time, Tyler enjoys golfing, hunting, hockey, and spending time at the lake. 

Thank You for your contributions to Steffes, Tyler!