Product Launch: Steffes Connect web-based Transceiver App

Steffes is proud to introduce its first web-based application called Steffes Connect with features for both the homeowner and the Power Provider. Steffes Connect delivers IOT functionality to empower homeowners with the remote control and visibility of their Steffes heating system from anywhere, at any time with this new web-based application for the Steffes Transceiver.

For the homeowner, Steffes Connect delivers Internet of Things (IOT) functionality to every new transceiver installed with a new or existing Steffes Heating system. Steffes Connect gives homeowners remote control and visibility of Steffes heating systems in their home. And, it can also be used on other electric devices, such as water heaters or other electric heating devices in the home too. Steffes Connect provides homeowners with:

  • Control from anywhere using a web-connected device
  • Check indoor temperature*
  • Room Unit temperature setback
  • Check site outdoor temperature*
  • Check rate status (peak, off-peak, or shoulder)
  • Rate schedule is stored locally and maintained even if web connection is lost
  • Ability to control other electric devices on the same rate schedule
  • Optional notifications (text or email) for on-line and off-line status and/or temperature limits
  • Easy account setup at
  • Weather forecast at device locations
  • Enhanced security and protection

*Requires the purchase of an Indoor or Outdoor Temperature Sensor Kit.

For the Power Provider, Steffes Connect delivers IOT functionality to Steffes heating systems in your service area, along with enhanced features to meet your utility program goals. Power Providers can set rate schedules and custom off-peak holiday. Plus, they have the ability to push out updated schedules for all registered users.

Steffes Connect Power Provider Launch

Thursday, October 22, 2020 @ 8:00 AM (MT)

Sign-up for our 30-minute webinar for Power Providers. Here we will go over What is Steffes Connect?, Power Provider Benefit, Homeowner Benefit and Interactive Communication System. 

Steffes Connect Dealers/Contractors/Distributors Launch

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 @ 8:00 AM (MT)

Join our 1-hour webinar for Dealers/Contractors/Distributors. Here we will cover What is Steffes Connect?, Why you should offer it?, Homeowner Benefit, and Installation.

Are you a homeowner interested in Steffes Connect?