Watch our very own Paul Steffes at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Our CEO, Paul Steffes spoke at Microsfts Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 with Judson Althoff the Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business Microsoft Corporation. Paul spoke along side Richard Baxter, CEO of Mesh Systems and Olin Lagon, CEO of Shifted Energy. They partnered together to transform a water heater product, our Steffes GETS Water Heater, to store excess energy on the grid. By connecting the water heater to the cloud, they can aggregate it’s excess thermal storage capacity to capture renewable energy. The innovative technology driven from these Steffes GETS Water Heaters has the ability to respond every four seconds to meet real-time needs of the grid and insure the consumers don’t run out of hot water.