GETS Grid Services

Over the past several years, our Hawaiian pilot programs convincingly proved that our GETS System also delivers real-time high order and highly valuable grid-services. Currently in Hawaii those grid-services are supplied by generation derived from burning very expensive imported petroleum and diesel products which in turn greatly increases residential customer bills. Again because of those pilots we learned that besides greatly decreasing the cost of those grid-services we also proved an innate synergy by combining our GETS System behind-the-meter (customer sided or grid-edge) energy storage with Solar PV systems. Because of that, we strongly believe that the growth of Solar PV goes hand in hand with adoption of GIWH (Grid-Interactive Water Heater), GETS, and other general forms of Energy Storage. We also believe that no PV system (Utility Scale, Community, or Rooftop) is complete without some form of GIWH. Finally, we strongly believe that flexible cost-effective energy storage with real-time control delivering high order grid services is the clearest and most valuable fit to support balanced growth in Solar PV.

Steffes GETS – A Cost-Effective First Layer

Energy Storage will become a necessity and we are the most cost-effective first layer.

In pilots, over the past 2 years, we have proven our ability to aggregate as much as 5 megawatts of space and water heaters. Separately, in Hawaii, we have proven our capability to deliver an array of those very rapid and high order grid services such as Frequency Regulation. GETS very effectively handles excess generation of PV driven solar, while easily absorbing the volatility of that variable resources. By putting GETS to use, for Frequency Regulation, not only makes load follow generation but simultaneously and effectively manages the key challenges and opportunity of solar over-generation.

GETS is a grid-edge system that works together with solar for the benefit of the grid, the environment, and ratepayers alike.