Retractable Pilot Support Arm In Full Production

Steffes is now in full production of the Retractable Pilot Support Arm. This product is a reliable solution for maintenance on any Steffes Flare. Adding the retractable pilot support arm enables maintenance on the pilot to be done safely and conveniently from the ground without the need for ladders, bucket trucks, or cranes. The retractable support arm can be installed on any new Steffes flare or retrofitted on existing Steffes flares in the field.

One of our missions at Steffes is to listen to our customers’ concerns and problems they are having on their site and being able to provide them with a value-added solution.

Normally, operators have had to have the assistance of a tall ladder, bucket truck, or crane to reach their pilot in order to perform maintenance work which can be time consuming, expensive, and potentially dangerous. Our Retractable Pilot Support Arm features a gravity latch system that is operated by hand and can easily lower the pilot to the ground in seconds. It also has a flex hose so there is no need to disconnect the gas line.

The Retractable Pilot Support Arm was in research and development for over a year. During that time, our product engineers have refined the design and performed tests to ensure that it works well in the field.

Steffes is proud to confidently offer the Retractable Pilot Support Arm to our customers as a safe and cost efficient solution for quick and easy pilot maintenance!