Larry Hutmacher Celebrates 40 Years With Steffes

Larry Hutmacher started at Steffes in 1977. At that time, Steffes was just a small fabrication shop south of Dickinson with only a handful of employees.

He welded snowmobiles skiis and cabinet brackets, which were Steffes’ main products then. He became a leader with each new product that we added as the company expanded.

Since then, Steffes has sold the south plant, built a much larger manufacturing plant and office north of Dickinson, and opened two more locations in Grand Forks.

Today, Hutmacher works at our Dickinson location and is celebrating 40 years of welding  with Steffes. 

Even though he has been a part of team Steffes for 40 years, he says that it doesn’t feel that way. When he thinks about his early days with the company he says it “feels like yesterday.”

“It’s a good place to work” said Hutmacher of Steffes. “It’s something that I want to do and I like doing. I feel lucky. And Dickinson is a great place because there are so many manufacturing companies in town.”



Thank you for 40 years of dedication and hard work, Larry!