Kristal Fields will celebrate 6 years with Steffes as a Training Specialist in August. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has resided in Dickinson for long enough to call it home.  

In her role, Kristal conducts a variety of trainings for employees including TWI, ALICE, PREPARE, and Defensive Driving. Fields also directs the mentor program and core trainer program for new hires in addition to scheduling a variety of trainings for employees.

A former teacher, Fields now applies tactics from the classroom to her role at Steffes.

“It’s given me a different perspective, going from Junior High aged kids to adults but still with the same goal: to learn,” Fields said. “You still see that positive outcome at the end when they finally get it.”

Seeing the positive outcomes of training programs and providing structure to help ensure employees are qualified and competent in their role is what Fields finds most rewarding in her position.

“I enjoy the people and I enjoy the challenge of trying to provide quality training for our employees,” Fields said. “It allows us to produce high-quality products for our customers.”

Those who work closely with Kristal see just how passionate she is about her role and say she is a great team player.

“I appreciate the support of the management and the employees of wanting to improve themselves through education and learning and encouraging others to do the same,” Fields said.

Thank you, Kristal, for helping make Steffes such a great (and safe) place to work!