Matt Rothschiller is the Product Manager for Skids and Pressure Vessels at Steffes. He recently celebrated his 9 year anniversary with the company. Matt attended NDSU for Mechanical Engineering and interned with Steffes for a summer during college. After graduation he worked in the oil field prior to beginning his Steffes career full-time as a manufacturing engineer. 

“I had been an intern in 2008 and had a good experience with not only the people who worked here but the projects I worked on,” Matt said. “When I saw an opportunity I wanted to come back.”

When Matt first started at Steffes the company was just beginning to grow our oil & gas product line. He worked as the manufacturing engineer over flare production and separation equipment, helping to grow the product offering from a single vertical treater product and two flares which were brand new to the product offering.

“When I started we were first learning how to weld pipe… now we are a complete site package in a box,” Matt said. “We’ve continued to innovate and add value to the product to make it a better product for our customers.”

As our line of separation equipment has evolved, so has Matt’s role. His day-to-day responsibilities include supervising a team of engineers and helping them grow professionally. He is also responsible for helping to develop and expand our oil and gas products into new markets. 

Throughout his career with Steffes, his favorite project he has been a part of was helping a Bakken operator develop their bulk and test skid package.

“We started from a blank sheet of paper and developed it basically from scratch,” Matt said. “Kind of a fresh, clean slate on what they wanted on a site design.” 

One of Matt’s favorite parts of his job is being able to work closely with customers to not only design separation equipment but to help with the concept behind the design.

The thing he enjoys most about working at Steffes is the team he works with and the ‘get it done attitude’ everyone has, even in trying times. He looks forward to keeping a positive outlook for the future and working with his team to continue to innovate and develop relationships with customers in multiple oil and gas plays. 

When he’s not at work, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids, hunting, and restoring an old pickup he has been working on since he was 15.