Inside our Product Design: Helping the Oil and Gas Industry Reduce Emissions

The Steffes Pressure Regulating Blower is a reliable solution specifically designed to prevent the release of fugitive emissions by reducing tank pressure.

The unit comes as a prefabricated package with a motorized blower mounted on a skid table with an ETL listed controller. Featuring a PLC touch screen, it is simple to use and provides a range of features that improve well site productivity while safely reducing tank backpressure.

The PRB is unique to Steffes with design features including an adjustable variable speed drive and option for an insulated steel cover to allow the PRB motor to operate efficiently in cooler temperatures.

As is custom for many Steffes products, the PRB features a modular, plug-and-play design making it a cost-effective solution for both new sites and retrofitting older sites as it can be moved from one site to another as needed.

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