Matt Huss served in the Air Force for 22 years. When he was stationed at the Grand Forks Air Force Base he would regularly drive past Steffes along Highway US-2. He had heard good things about Steffes and, as the time came when he decided to retire from the Air Force, a Purchasing Agent position opened with Steffes. Matt applied and began his career with the company nearly 4 years ago. Since then, he has been promoted to his current Category Manager role.

As a Category Manager, Matt sources new products and parts while working with suppliers on pricing, lead times, and product quality. 

“With all the different projects that go on (at Steffes), one day I could be sourcing parts, the next day I might be working on pricing, and the next day I could be working on quality issues with a company,” said Matt. 

His favorite part about working at Steffes is the company culture. 

“Everyone works together really well and is very close-knit,” said Matt.

Matt’s time serving in the Air Force taught him lessons that he has transferred to other aspects of his life. In both the Air Force and at Steffes, Matt has witnessed people coming together to meet a common goal at the end of the day. Even now in the midst of a pandemic, Matt has seen his coworkers step up and take on new roles to work together in moving forward.

The most important thing Matt took away from serving in the Air Force was to “never take any day for granted.” 

In his free time, Matt enjoys spending time at the lake, golfing, fishing and water sports. 

Thank you Matt for your service.