Austin Krank began his career at Steffes nearly three years ago as a Design Engineer after graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“I really like my engineering position at Steffes because it allows me to play many roles, from designer to product manager to helping with production,” said Krank. “When I first started I got to work on a project to design a bulk and test skid for an oil operator, that was such a big learning experience when I was so new. I loved every minute of it.”

Austin currently works on oil field skids but has also worked on Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) products and on the flare product line. He holds a variety of industry certifications which allows him to transition from projects such as working on UL control panels to designing mechanical systems.

“I get to work in many markets from oil and gas to ETS to staircases and walkway,” said Krank. “So it’s just a bunch of different roles, markets and engineering disciplines.”

A typical day in his role includes working on product designs at his desk, visiting the New Product Development lab to see what new projects are happening or helping with prototypes, spending time on the production floor to see what products are being manufactured, and visiting with customers or the sales team.

“My role is important to Steffes because we help figure out a lot of logistical issues and design the products that we manufacture here,” said Krank. “I truly love designing things, that’s who I am at the core – a designer. I’ve always liked thinking creatively for solutions.”

When he’s not at work, Austin enjoys hunting, fishing, mountain biking and basically any watersport activity in the warmer months.