Corine Godinez has been with Steffes for 2 years as an EVS Technician after being referred by her daughter who is also a Steffes employee. Those who have met Corine can attest that she goes the extra mile to ensure everyone is taken care of, often going above and beyond to make a difference daily and greeting those around her with a cheerful “good morning” or a smile throughout the day.

Corine loves traveling around to different areas of the facilities and being able to talk to different people. 

“I really enjoy everybody here, it’s like family,” said Corine. 

She loves her job and takes particular joy in doing unique projects, such as painting the breakroom and bathrooms at our newest facility in Dickinson. Corine contributes to our unique company culture by making popcorn for employees every Thursday and ensuring other company events go off without a hitch by helping with cleanup after everyone has had the chance to enjoy the employee event of the month.

A typical day in her role is busy, she is always on the go cleaning and performing a variety of other tasks around the facilities wherever she is needed.

“Especially now with COVID, I make sure that I get everything wiped down and clean to keep everything safe for employees and myself,” said Corine. “I enjoy talking to people while I’m working and seeing their smiling faces.”

Prior to the pandemic, Corine’s favorite company event was summer cookouts when management would grill lunch for the Steffes team. 

When she’s not at work, Corine enjoys gardening, painting, playing cards and board games, and spending time with her friends, family, and grandchildren on the weekends. 

Thank you, Corine, for all you do to keep everyone safe & healthy!