Steffes Spotlight: Tiana Delzer

Tiana Delzer

When asked what she enjoys most about Steffes culture, Quality Improvement Engineer Tiana Delzer replied, “The mentality that if at first you don’t succeed, you have the opportunity to try again. They want you to try, and failure is not necessarily frowned upon.”

Growing up in Minot, North Dakota, Tiana was one of two sisters. As her father’s oldest daughter, she often spent time with him fixing things, building things, and working on the computer together. When it came to high school, instead of home economics classes, she chose shop and technology classes and enjoyed studying math.

These experiences led her to pursue engineering in Grand Forks, graduating from the University of North Dakota (UND) in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She began her employment at Steffes shortly after, initially joining the team as a manufacturing engineer intern. Her hard work and effort on a large quality project with a leading construction equipment manufacturer customer resulted in Tiana being offered a full-time role as a quality improvement engineer at Steffes’ Grand Forks West location in early 2019.

In her current role, Tiana helps ensure our products and processes fulfill internal and external quality standards, making sure Steffes customers receive high quality products that are manufactured safely and efficiently. She conducts first article inspections, creates document inspection reports including Initial Sample Inspection Reports and Production Part Approval Process, and assists in maintaining the Quality Management System.

Her job requires cross-collaboration among departments, allowing her to work with a variety of teams to solve different problems across the company. This is one facet of her role that she most enjoys as it ensures no two days look the same.


“Steffes is a great company, with great culture and a wonderful community of people to work with.”


The Grand Forks West crew is a special group, according to Tiana. “Everyone I work with is very personable and very smart in their own fields. They know what they’re talking about and what they’re doing. I learn something new every day, no matter who you’re talking to or what you’re talking about.”

Her favorite project so far has been learning and growing the measurement capabilities of coordinate measuring machines, including the faro arm. One of the things she is most looking forward to as she gains experience is to help further develop quality processes to improve product verification and traceability.

Tiana was recently married in August and loves spending time outdoors – but only when it’s warm out! She is involved in her community, spending many hours at the local bowling alley as she coaches the high school bowling team. When’s she’s not striking pins, you can find her at home working on hands-on art projects. Stained glass is her new thing!  

One more fun fact? Her time at UND paid off in more ways than one. While at the University, Tiana also obtained her private pilot’s license! Joy ride flight, anyone?