Steffes attended Dickinson High School Career Academy Expo

Steffes team members had an opportunity to participate in the inaugural Dickinson High School Career Academy Expo on December 21, 2021. They joined 35 other local businesses and six colleges and universities to give 8th-12th grade students a glimpse into the wide array of careers awaiting them once they graduate high school.

Dickinson High School offers a career academy track to help students gain hands-on experience, while seeing firsthand the relevance in what they’re being taught. Being a part of a particular academy helps foster a community that provides personalized learning among students, teachers, and other academy members. Students have the option to explore college-prep curriculum or pursue career and industry certifications.  

Steffes was well-represented in a variety of areas, including Engineering, Supply Chain, Sales, Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, Production, and Continuous Improvement. A special ‘Thank you!” to Heath B., Tabitha V., Amanda N., John M., Shannon S., Brent K., Bethany K., Lexi S., Emlee W., Jamie F., Andy B., Hank G., and Al T. for sharing your expertise with these students. Several students stopped by our booth to visit with these team members to learn more about who Steffes is and what we do. They also picked up some great swag!

The plan is to host this event annually, allowing us to continue building relationships with these students so that they will keep us in mind when they are looking for a future place of employment!