Why electric thermal storage is the ideal choice for the economical and ecological homeowner

As the push toward decarbonization ramps up in North America, electric thermal storage (ETS) is generating quite the buzz. Have you heard about ETS technology?

Steffes’ ETS systems convert electricity to heat. Specially designed ceramic bricks within our units store vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time which is then is released into a home to maintain consistent comfort. Easy-peasy.

Whether you’re looking to heat one room or your entire home, Steffes offers an ETS system ideal for an economical and ecological homeowner. Why should you make the switch?

1.      ETS saves you money.

Steffes’ furnaces and room heaters deliver consistent comfort while reducing the high electricity costs associated with inefficient, traditional home heating systems.

ETS systems can use off-peak electricity. Homeowners are charged for off-peak electricity at a lower rate because it is converted to heat when demand on the electrical grid is low, like in the middle of the night. Because Steffes’ ETS systems store a lot of heat for a long time, you get on-peak performance for an off-peak price. This capability can save you between 40% and 70% on your heating bill!

2.      ETS is safer and greener.

Bottom line: ETS systems are better for your family and the environment.

Steffes’ ETS systems don’t produce carbon monoxide like traditional home heating systems do, meaning you’re not putting your family at risk if you choose ETS to heat your home.

Steffes’ ETS systems’ exceptional engineering coupled with efficient operation lowers the strain on the electrical grid by storing electricity as heat and utilizing it when your home needs it.  ETS systems can store variable solar and wind power, reducing carbon emissions by up to 70 tons over a unit’s lifetime compared to an oil furnace, and up to 50 tons compared to a propane furnace. Wow!

3.      ETS is simpler to use and service.

Every Steffes ETS system is engineered and built to exacting standards in North America for years of worry-free comfort. With no furnace to load, soot to clean, or oil to burn, maintenance is minimal. Just adjust the thermostat or Steffes Connect app to enjoy exceptionally comfortable and reliable warmth in every room, every hour of the day.

Steffes’ ETS systems also come with a five-year limited parts warranty. If something does crop up, you can call us – not a call center – and our service technicians will work with you to adjust your settings and reach peak performance. If your system needs hands-on service, we’ll connect you with a contractor in your area so you can get back to what matters most. Sounds pretty good, right?


Steffes offers a range of premiere home heating options fit for any configuration. Steffes’ ETS systems can be utilized in new construction, replace or upgrade existing systems, and/or provide supplemental heat for hard-to-reach rooms. Whether you want the warm welcome of heated hydronic floors, the consistent comfort of a forced air system tied into your existing ductwork, or the ease and efficiency of a room unit, let’s discuss how electric thermal storage can work for you.

Explore your options at www.steffes.com/ets/virtualhome.