Product Spotlight: Chemical Injection System

Steffes’ Chemical Injection System (CIS) is engineered to help prevent corrosion, plugging, and freezing in an operator’s gas lines.

The solar-powered system is capable of making daily chemical injections directly into multiple gas lines to evaporate excess fluids, reducing the need for regular site maintenance and protecting an operator’s bottom line. In addition, this system can be used to inject various chemicals into multiple lines on site based on an operator’s well pad needs.


  • Operates between -40° F and 140° F, accounting for frigid winters and blistering summers.
  • Capable of delivering chemicals into multiple gas lines for site efficiency.
  • Offers two distinct dosing rates, allowing operators to choose their preference.
  • Equipped with a 12 VDC standard solar charging system – including 360° rotating solar panels, a solar controller and a battery – to provide dependable power.
  • Equipped with two recycle timers, which can be programmed to custom intervals.
  • Precision machined body and high-flow filter.


Steffes’ production equipment is engineered and manufactured for plug-and-play use in the field. Our experienced team can help determine which equipment will maximize the performance of your site.

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